About Us

PRO TEMPORE – which translates to “interim” in Latin – was started by us, Therése Lorentzon and Johanna Deras, with the ambition of being an independent interim business for qualified finance consultants.

As former colleagues at a global audit firm, we had developed the same idea of ​​starting a fast-paced interim business with focus on the customer and the consultants. Naturally with a continued quality focus, but without having to take into account the limiting independence rules in the audit firms. Our customers are usually large international companies or organizations in rapid growth or change. That’s what we know best!

Our consultancy engagements and partnerships are characterized by personal dedication, effective matchmaking and clear expectations. If you would like to know more about us and how we work, please feel free to stop by for a coffee, either at our office in Gothenburg or Malmö.

Therése Lorentzon is a person who makes things happen, with her positive mindset she sees opportunities everywhere.

Therése started her career in New York where she spent a decade within Big 4 but also within the Finance function of large corporations. In 2008, she moved to Malmö to take on the Head of Group Controlling role at a listed IT consulting company. It was the beginning of an exciting journey with going from public company to venture capital owned, which included projects such as restructuring, outsourcing of finance to India, ERP roll-out in all countries, new BI tools, etc. Therése contributes the most when she is close to the business.

Therése is driven by the creation and development of high performance teams, which means that she landed in leadership positions early in her career. In her latest role, she successfully built the interim business for finance consultants in southern Sweden at a Big 4. In addition to being a strong leader, she also has a creative side (hope you like the website!?).

Unlike her business partner, she is the one who closes the “store” and she is happy to network around the clock!

+46 703 612192

Johanna Deras is a passionate and energetic person who likes to see results. Her interest in project management and consulting was born at Maersk in Copenhagen, where she was responsible for a global outsourcing project, which included more than 80 countries. Following that she took on several different project-leading roles within the Finance organization.

Johanna has also spent 7 years within Big 4 where she has built up several successful finance consulting businesses and has gained a very good understanding of the industry. She is passionate about solving customer needs and matching the right consultant with the task at hand. Johannas excellence lies in finding and developing talent as well as building high-performance teams. She thrives best with personal meetings.

Johanna is certified in IPU behavior and driver analysis, a tool for employee development that she often uses in her daily work.

Johanna is a competitive person and a training enthusiast. Her meetings can take place both at the healthy lunch restaurant as well as during a morning run. Unlike her business partner, she is a real ”early bird”.

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