Our idea around our colleagues is simple: We want to recruit, develop and retain competent finance professionals with the same value base as ourselves.


We want to work with graduates with and Economics Degree with 4-10 years of experience from accounting, controlling or prevoious held experience as a Finance consultant. We would like you to be forward-thinking, driven and efficient in your way of working and striving to develop in your role. Perhaps you see solutions where others see problems and are challenged by messy and complex situations? … or perhaps you get easily bored with few elements of change? If you like to have fun and feel it’s important to continuously develop then there is a chance that we are a perfect match!

Our consultants work at attractive companies in interim roles and in projects within the Finance function. Examples of assignments may be Accountant, Business or Financial Controller, Group Accounting Specialist or Finance Manager. This gives you a good base for continued development in your career, both in terms of competences but also in your personal development, which is a major focus area for us.

We are always looking for new colleagues in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö and surrounding areas. If you want to know more about us and how we work, please contact us and we’ll have a coffee and get to know each other better.

Below you can read more about our values ​​that permeate everything we do.


Personal development

We constantly want to improve, both for ourselves and for our customers. At PRO TEMPORE we value self-leadership and find it important to recognize, exercise and improve our own leadership.


It doesn’t matter how clear a “scope” is and regardless of how much we try to prepare, we never really know how a new customer workplace looks like and what challenges we will face. Our customers, regardless of this, have high expectations. We need to be courageous and see potential “unknowns” as opportunities for personal development. Exciting, right?


Building relationships is an important part of our success. As a PRO TEMPORE consultant it is valuable if you also enjoy networking both within and outside your client engagement.


With us you need to have a win-win focus built into your DNA. We exist to serve our customers. This does not mean that we will “bend ourselves backwards” in all situations, but we need to keep the best interests of our customers in mind in all we do.


We are a flat organization where you as an employee can contribute as much as you wish. As an organization we share and our open about how things are going, where we are going and what we are doing to get there. It is amazingly much more fun to work together towards common goals.


It is important for us that the feeling of belonging to the PRO TEMPORE team, regardless of whether you are full-time at a customer engagement. That sense of belonging is very important for us. We build each other and that you like to share your skills with the team – both “live” and through our internal “social media” platform – is crucial.


We are proud to work with “the best” talent and invest accordingly. We don’t want to work with those who view an employment with us as a way to an employment elsewhere. We want to work with those driven by developing with us and our customers in different industries and roles.


We scale away anything that doesn’t add value to make us as individuals and our business better. Always focusing on how we can most effectively assist our customers in their needs and how we can simplify the consultants’ daily work.


We like to celebrate our success, whether it’s new knowledge or market success. We love to laugh a lot, if you’re looking for a boring environment we are probably not a match!


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